Staff & Governors

Staff Names and Responsibilities
Teaching Staff – Academic Year 2017-18  
Executive Headteacher & CEO Mrs Selene Sawyer
Head of School (based at LIANS) Ms Maria Cornish
Head of School (based at LJS) Miss Becky Adcock
Deputy Head (based at LIANS) Miss Hannah Kingsley
Deputy Head and SENCO (based at LJS) Miss Lucy Finnie
Deputy Head (based at LIANS) Miss Sam Thorpe
School Administrator Mrs Val Jordan (LIANS) & Mrs Tonya Newton (LJS)
School Secretary Mrs Tara Collinson / Chloe Bulpett
Independent Social Worker Mrs Laura Carrey
P.A. to Selene Sawyer Mrs Caroline Mandilakis (LIANS)
IST Finance Officer Mrs Louise Knights (LJS)
IST Inclusion and Attendance Ms Claire Farrelly
Lionwood Infant and Nursery  
Nursery – EYFS Lead (Cherry Class) Miss Sam Aldis/Mr Nick Powell
Reception – Reception Lead (Damson Class) Miss Sophie Ford
Reception (Apple Class) Mrs Lara Harrey
Reception (Pear Class) Miss Sarah Threadgold
Year 1 Lead (Maple Class) Mrs Michelle Cleveland
Year 1 (Holly Class) Miss Rachel Snudden
Year 1 (Cedar Class) Miss Clara Betterman
Year 2 Lead (Sycamore Class) Miss Faye Herron
Year 2 (Rowan Class) Miss Rachel Redpath
Year 2 (Willow Class) Mrs Louise Shields
Lionwood Junior School
Year 3 Lead (3R) Miss Lydia Read
3MM Mrs Tracey Mills/Mrs Abigail Murray
3S Mr Sam Seddon
Year 4 Lead (4H) Hannah Hunt
4C Mr David Cocks
4HE Miss Susie Heritage
Year 5 Lead (5B) Miss Jenna Barnes
5M Mr Tom Miller
5K Miss Mione Knight
Year 6 Lead (6H) Mr Alex Henderson
6S Miss Sian Stalley
6G Miss Sam Greef

Support  Staff

Teaching Assistants  
Lionwood Infant and Nursery School Lionwood Junior School
Mrs Sue Jervis Mrs Sara Bolton
Mrs Karen Bartram Mrs Janice Page
Ms Kim Burnett Mrs Kerry Didwell
Miss Megan Jones Mrs Joanne Larter
Ms Noelle Grimes Mrs Julie Hill
Mrs Asia Rashid Mr Elliot Bloomfield
Mrs Diane Stamp Mrs Zoe Wishart
Miss Amena Khanom Mrs Jayne Oxbury
Mrs Amanda Oliver  Mrs Sarah Jackson
Ms Vicki De Spretter Mrs Julie Hill
Mrs Denise Partridge Mrs Catherine Barnes
Mrs Carol Sides Mrs Dawn Aldis (MSA and TA)
Miss Amanda Bedder Mr Will Cornish
Mrs Tala Rashid Miss Sally Hoyles (MSA and TA)
Miss Natalie Higgins Miss Kirsty Peake
Mrs Jo Donaldson Mrs Linda Jones
Mrs Paula Russell Miss Amy Cordingley
Miss Rachel Clapson Mr James Harpham
Mrs Shelley Raitskin Miss Claire Stroud
Miss Sarah-Poppy Hiscox
Parent Support Advisors  
Mrs Glenda Prior (PSA & Extended Schools) Mrs Trudy Sargeant / Mrs Helen Bloomfield
Pastoral Support Workers  
Mrs Janice Wood Mrs Trudy Sargeant/Mrs Kerry Didwell/Miss Zoe
Wishart/Mrs Helen Bloomfield  
Mr Ryan Butler Mrs Sharon Barber
Midday Supervisors (MSA’s)  
Mrs Sue Jervis (Senior MSA) Miss Sally Hoyles
Mrs Barbara Daynes
Mr Adam Goodman
Cleaning Staff
Mrs Loraine Blancheflower Miss Sally Hoyles
Mrs Mandy Rush (Agency) Mrs Adele Eaglen
Mr Adam Goodman
Miss Sally Hoyles
Kitchen Staff  
Miss Sam Peart Mr Leroy Whittle
Mrs Rachel Shelley Ms Karen Horner
Mrs Loretta Botly Miss Joanne Elliott
Mrs Emma Hassani Mrs Debbie Hollamby
Breakfast and After-School Club Staff  
Mrs Sue Jervis & Mrs Diane Stamp (Early LIANS) Mrs Trudy Sargeant and Miss Zoe Wishart (Breakfast Club)


Governors (Lionwood Federation)

The Governing bodies of Lionwood Infant and Nursery School and Lionwood Junior School elected to federate with effect on 1st September 2014, forming the Lionwood Schools Federation.

The Lionwood Schools Federation has 13 Governors. The Headteacher is a Governor and there is one further staff governor. The Governing Body is made up of representatives of the parents, staff, Local Authority, co-opted and associate governors.

Your school governors are:

  • Selene Sawyer (Executive Headteacher)
  • Sharon Forder, Chair of Governors (Parent Governor)
  • Patrick Neale, Vice Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)
  • Aimee Barter (Co-opted Governor)
  • Arnold Browne (Co-opted Governor)
  • Pamela Dons (Co-opted Governor)
  • Graham Hopkins (Associate Governor)
  • Hannah Kingsley (Co-opted Governor)
  • Alison Osborne (Local Authority Governor)
  • Glenda Platford-Prior (Staff Governor)
  • Briony Webb (Parent Governor)
  • Tim Wood (Co-opted Governor)

We are supported by Natalie Lee, Clerk to the Governors

Our Governors are responsible for the strategic vision of the schools and for supporting the Headteacher and her staff in achieving that vision. Governors have responsibility for appointing the Headteacher, managing the school’s budget, setting annual targets and monitoring performance against those targets, all in the interest of raising standards of achievement.

We have three committees on our Governing Body:

  • Personnel, Site and Finance – which includes Health and Safety.
  • Achievement, Teaching and Learning.
  • Behaviour and Safety – which also includes Health and Safety, Attendance and Safeguarding.

These committees meet twice a term and report back to the full governing body on all business, including safeguarding.  The Full Governing Body meets once a term.  Governors visit the school regularly, attending events and undertaking learning walks in order to effectively monitor the quality of learning at The Lionwood Federation.

If you are interested in becoming a School Governor please contact one of our Governors or the Headteacher for more information.

A Declaration of Pecuniary or Personal Interests is signed annually by every governor.  In every committee and full governing body meeting, there is space on the agenda for any declaration of interests that arise over the year.

Please click on the link below to access our Governors Details including the Register of Business Interests.