Year 5 Spring 2018

Year 5 pupils exploring map keys and co-ordinates.

Year 5 cooking enrichment

We create our own role-play resources.

Year 5 PE – football skills

Science in Year 5  – discussing how the heart works using a model



Year 6 Spring 2018

At the start of the year, we visited Horstead Activity and did lots of adventurous activities


In Real PE we have been improving our reaction times, can you see how we’ve improved our stance?

In Art, we explored the different techniques of watercolours and acrylics to produce some outstanding mixed media paintings, inspired by the work of Hokusai.

In Maths, we used factor bugs to learn about how to classify square, prime and composite numbers.


In Science, our topic about human bodies meant we learned about our organs, the jobs they do and the importance of keeping them healthy.



4HE Spring 2018

Using slates to write on our Victorian School Day

Using teamwork in maths during our ‘Week of Inspirational Maths’

Creating electrical circuits in science

Making mince pies at Christmas



4H Spring 2018

Year 4 developed their understanding of the world by investigating where major countries and cities were using atlases

Leah – “In the night, a shimmering, glittering and gleaming star shone so Edward could see his way home.”

Children in Year 4 used drama to explore scenes from their class book, ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo

Year 4 created clothes inspired by the main character of their class book.  They designed and made their items using felt and sewed the individual pieces together.



4C Spring 2018

Year four were pretending to be the particles in a liquid. Here 4C were showing how these particles move.

Year four were beginning their topic on the Victorians. We started by learning about queen Victoria.

Chloe has been learning how electricity and circuits work.

As part of our real P.E. focus, Year Four have been learning to work with and learn from their partners.



3S Spring 2018

We have designed and made our own circus glove puppets.

We went into the forest and made dens, like the ones the main character from our book would have lived in.



3R Spring 2018

In DT we had ago at designing our own circuses and carefully selected materials to create stable structures.

In Maths we have been working on Place Value. We could sort a variety of two and three-digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones!

In PE we developed our ball skills in a variety of ways. We were able to develop dribbling techniques and learn how to pass the ball with increased accuracy and precision.



3M Spring 2018



Year 4 Photos



Year 3 Photos